4th Quarter 2021 Should Launch A Healthy 2022 Stock Market

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During the 4th quarter 2021, the 2022 stock market will take shape getty Early in the 3rd quarter, growing risks entered investment thinking. Investor enthusiasm ebbed throughout July and August as risks developed and intensified. September is now ending with the market's bullish breadth diminished and investor bullishness tempered. But... that is good news. The widespread risk recognition and altered attitudes are just the tonic needed. The combination is helping establish a foundation for a new stock market rise. What new stock market trends should we expect in 2022? First, don't expect growth and speculation to give way to value and conservatism. That only happens when a stock market drops precipitously, causing previously optimistic investors to recant and turn pessimistic. But do expect the now-broken fads to fade away: SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies), "meme" stocks and overpriced IPOs. Negative performance erodes even the
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