5 Top Dividend Kings to Buy Now and Hold Forever | The Motley Fool

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It's September, and the stock markets are slippery. These are also the times when you'd want to put some cash to good use. Dividend Kings, in particular, can be an excellent source of passive income when your stocks aren't behaving very well. Dividend Kings are stocks whose dividends have increased annually for at least 50 years, and that includes years of the worst stock market crashes in history. Only 31 stocks are in the club right now. Rest assured, these steady dividend-paying stocks are not only bankable at all times but can also be massive wealth-builders, so you shouldn't really have to think much before adding some to your portfolio. Here are five top Dividend Kings you can buy and now and hold for decades to not just earn regular income but grow your capital, too. This Dividend King is becoming surprisingly hotter Target (NYSE:TGT) joined the elite Dividend King group just months ago, after it raised its dividend for the 50th
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