A looming crackdown on a popular retirement tax strategy has some investors worried

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Roth conversions are one way Americans can save on their tax liabilities in retirement — but the House recently proposed a bill that would curb these conversions for high earners.  While this may appear to be bad news for some workers, there is a silver lining: More companies are already offering alternatives to these conversions — Roth 401(k) plans — and if the bill is passed, by the time the rule is enacted, there could be even more workers benefiting from this investment vehicle.  The latest proposal out of the House makes changes to current laws around retirement security. These reforms include preventing individual retirement account holders with more than $10 million in savings to continue contributions, and also to be subjected to required minimum distributions. The bill also prohibits IRA investments from having minimum income or asset levels to participate. The law, if passed, would also repeal Roth conversions for any si
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