After a Successful IDO, TOMI Token is off to a Flying Start By BTC Peers

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After a Successful IDO, TOMI Token is off to a Flying Start Investors have shown a keen interest in the TOMI token since the team decided to launch presale access through an NFT collection. That NFT collection helped bring in funds for the team to reduce its TOMI token supply after the sale. Investors in the presale are looking at a 56,655% increase in value over the past 24 hours, confirming the project's success. The TOMI IDO Is A Huge SuccessThe Tomi team took an unusual approach to launch its token presale. Instead of doing it in one round, the team opted for three different rounds, each with slightly different pricing dictated by the market. Every TOMI round lasted for 30 minutes, making it a very brief presale window. Trading occurred on the SushiSwap platform on Polygon, as it provides faster transactions and much lower fees.Initial interest has proven successful, as the TOMI token currently notes 485 holders, per DEXTools. As presale investors scooped up their sha
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