‘Bamboozled’: Texas for-profit school operator took $72M in veterans’ GI Bill cash and bought mansion, Lamborghini, Ferrari

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The owner of a fly-by-night Texas trade school has been sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for taking $72 million in GI Bill cash to give veterans HVAC training but leaving them lacking even basic skills. Prosecutors say Jonathan Dean Davis, 43, charged up to $21,000 for a six-week program at his Retail Ready Career Center near Dallas, draining their GI Bill benefits but giving them little marketable training in heating and air conditioning repair. When veterans would try to find work after completing the program, they would discover they were woefully underprepared for even entry-level technician jobs, prosecutors said. Veterans said they were ‘bamboozled’ Several veterans testified at Davis’ trial that they felt “used,” “taken advantage of,” “deceived,” and “bamboozled,” after discovering that much of the post-military education benefits had been used up through the school.  Prosecutors say that in all, Davis b
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