Bearish bets were stable in Asian Forex as the virus’s predicament continued: Reuters polls – Texas News Today

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August 12, 2021 By Harish Sridharan (Reuters) – The Thai baht was the worst, but the dollar’s appreciation also weighed as investors remained bearish against most Asian currencies and the economy across the region continued to suffer from delta variants. According to a survey of 11 respondents, the yuan, Singapore dollar and Indian rupee rose slightly compared to two weeks ago, but most were maintained in the Philippine peso and the Indonesian rupiah. Sentiment against the Taiwan dollar has reversed as investors became bullish on the currency for the first time since early July as strong export data showed improved growth prospects. The surge in cases of coronavirus delta variants has rattled parts of Asia, Thailand and South Korea have recorded record daily infections, and stagnation of vaccination programs further burdens their health infrastructure. I’m wearing it. Local currencies have also been at a disadvantage as the dollar remained at its four-month peak aft
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