Biden says whether Trump’s 1/6 record goes to Congress – Texas News Today

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Washington – The Biden administration will have a great say on whether the government will release information to Congress on the actions of former President Donald Trump and his aides on January 6. However, a long court battle can occur before the details are revealed. The House of Representatives, investigating the January riots at the U.S. Capitol, last month recorded a pile of records, including communication within the White House under the Trump administration and information on planning and financing a rally in Washington. I asked. Among those events was a rally near the White House, where Trump threw eggs at a crowd of thousands before supporters raided the Capitol. Those familiar with the matter confirmed that the first tranche of documents from the Trump White House was handed over to the White House and Trump by the National Archives at the end of last month. Both parties can oppose the release of a particular item. And Biden’s White House reserves the right t
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