Bitcoin Market Dominance Dips Down to 40% While Ethereum and Other Crypto Market Caps Swell – Market Updates Bitcoin News

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While bitcoin prices have risen in value during the last two weeks, bitcoin dominance levels have slipped to lows not seen since the June 6 low of 41%, and the dip to 39.97% on May 16, 2021. Depending on the crypto market price aggregator leveraged, bitcoin’s dominance has been between 39.99% to 41.52%. Meanwhile, as bitcoin’s dominance has dropped significantly, crypto-asset markets like ethereum, cardano, binance coin, and tether have seen market dominance, in terms of overall valuation, steadily increase among the 10,000+ coins in existence today. As Bitcoin Slides to the 40% Range, Ethereum Climbs to 20% of the Crypto Economy It is well known that between the first time bitcoin (BTC) prices were calculated by market capitalization, and all the way up until February 2017, BTC had more than an 80% market dominance among all the other coins, for a majority of the time. There was an instance in 2014, where BTC dropped to 77.9% in December and again in March 2016 to
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