Brazil suspends beef exports to China after 2 cases of atypical mad cow disease

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China and Hong Kong buy over 50% of Brazilian beef exports.Brazil discovered two cases of "atypical" mad cow disease in two separate domestic meat plants ( "atypical" means the disease develops spontaneously, not related to eating contaminated foods)only the 4th and 5th cases of atypical mad cow disease detected in Brazil in 23 yearsMore from China, ride-hailing (tech) giant Didi has denied media reports about Beijing municipal government-led investment in the firm. Via Bloomberg news. ----Not related but in other weekend news Tokyo and three surrounding prefectures are preparing to extend COVID19 states of emergency by around 2 weeks. Another 6 prefectures are considering extensions also. Info via Japanese media.    Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub. Source link
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