Breaking: London College Student Robbed for $93k Worth of Bitcoin By CoinQuora

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© Reuters. Breaking: London College Student Robbed for $93k Worth of Bitcoin A recent report said that a student from the University of Kent in London was robbed for $93K BTC in his own campus. This student just started the year as a freshman when eight (8) thugs stormed his dorm room and demanded his crypto credentials. According to reports, after this horrifying incident, the student immediately left the campus and moved back home. A recent report says that a London college student was robbed at knifepoint for his bitcoin. This student, moreover, attended the University of Kent and left the campus immediately after the incident. According to the student’s mother, her son briefly discussed cryptocurrencies with his friend. The entire discussion went from finance to cyber currency. Then, this so-called friend allegedly brought in more of his friends from East London to come to her son’s room. She reiterated that her son immediately knew “he was in trouble” when
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