Can Brands and NFTs Coexist? By DailyCoin

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Can Brands and NFTs Coexist? Streetwear and NFT culture share a lot of commonalities. Secondary streetwear digital markets can integrate NFTs as a seal of authenticity. Brands will be required to develop NFT strategies to increase their digital exposure. The streetwear and luxury fashion market are gaining industry capital, fuelled by a growing demand for exclusive products. Exclusivity and unicity are the same values that attract NFT investors. Both industries can complement each other because they are built on the same human emotions, which ultimately developed into facile secondary markets. It Takes Two to Tango Collecting and trading is a cultural behavior shared amongst both industries.Thus, constantly reinforcing the same discourse factors in creating the basis of a niche culture that is governed by a set of rules and cultural traits. . Because the streetwear culture and NFT participants constantly engage in cultural activities of trading their assets for profit, th
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