China’s Long History of Bitcoin FUD: Timeline

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Right from the very first year bitcoin came into existence, the Chinese government has gone after the primary cryptocurrency, hammering it with bans after bans while citing countless risks supposedly associated with it. In over a decade, the Republic of China has also managed to increase its FUD (short for fear, uncertainty, and doubt) in the industry, and each time, crypto had seen a massive hit. Just last week, bitcoin’s price fell by more than 5% within hours, owing to another regulatory reiteration from the Chinese authorities to ban cryptocurrencies. Before we dive into the long history of China FUD, there is good and bad news to this story. The bad news is that this kind of Chinese FUD is likely to continue, at least over the next years. However, the good news is that the effect on the price of Bitcoin seems to be decreasing over time, as BTC is becoming more and more resistant. China FUD Vs. Bitcoin With the endless bans and unnecessary repetitive thr
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