Cramer sees opportunity to buy ‘best of breed’ tech giants Apple, Amazon and Salesforce

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CNBC's Jim Cramer said Monday he believes long-term investors should be willing to buy shares of Amazon, Apple and Salesforce as technology companies face pressure due to rising bond yields.However, the "Mad Money" host said at the moment there's one tech giant in which he has less confidence: Facebook."Right now, Facebook sells at 25 times earnings — that's cheap — because people are worried that the advertisers are going to abandon them," Cramer said, noting Facebook just announced it's decided to pause work on developing a version of Instagram for kids. That move comes shortly after a series of recent Wall Street Journal articles that said Facebook repeatedly found its Instagram to be harmful to some teenagers."Compare that to Apple or Salesforce or Amazon — nobody's afraid they'll lose tons of customers because they're truly best of breed. That's why I think their pullback is definitely a buying opportunity," Cramer said, following a session in which all three compan
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