Dogecoin Is Officially Bullish Now, As MAs Turn Into Support

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Meme coins were having a difficult time since the reversal in the crypto market, even more difficult than the rest of the market. Their losses during the crash were huge, they kept making lower lows, while a number of main cryptos either placed a base or were making higher lows and they were not reversing higher during late July, as did Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.The reversal only started in the second week of August, after most cryptos had nearly doubled in price for more than two weeks. Even that looked disappointing, as Dogecoin still remained below the 100 SMA (green) on the daily chart. Moving averages were keeping DOGE/USD down during the bearish period, so the bullish trend would only be official once they were broken and turned into support.That’s exactly what is happening. Meme coins resumed the bullish momentum again last week and now it seems like this is turning into a bullish trend for Dogecoin, as well as the Shiba Inu coin, which is also making decent
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