Euro Forecast: Limited EUR/USD Bounce Could Follow German Election Results

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Fundamental Euro Forecast: NeutralThis weekend’s German Federal Election will likely dominate Euro trading at the start of the week ahead.However, a stable coalition could take months to build and that means only a limited response can be expected in EUR/USD and the Euro crosses.Euro sentiment to hang on German election resultsThe results of Germany’s Federal Election should be known by the start of trading Monday and a limited bounce in EUR/USD is possible, if only because another risk event will have passed by. However, it is hard to see the results having any longer-term impact on the Euro, particularly as a coalition could take months to build and Chancellor Angela Merkel will stay in charge until it has been.If the opinion polls are to be believed, the left-of-center Social Democratic Party (SPD) will be in the best position to begin coalition building with, perhaps, the Greens and the Free Democratic Party (FDP). At first glance that would be bad for the markets giv
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