Fact-checking partisan claims on government spending under Trump

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In a joint statement on Monday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said it was necessary to raise the debt ceiling to cover expenses created under former President Donald Trump and meet "obligations the government has already made, like the bipartisan emergency COVID relief legislation from December."Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has repeatedly criticized the Democrats for increasing the national debt while arguing that "every amount of money spent in the Trump administration was accounted for" during his presidency, he said at a press briefing Thursday. On Tuesday, McCarthy told Fox News "(t)he past debt ceiling paid for everything in the Trump administration." Last week, he made a similar claim, telling Newsmax "we have paid for everything the Trump administration spent."Facts First: The claims from both sides are misleading and need context. Legislation signed into law by Trump added trillions to the national debt and just because the debt ceilin
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