FedEx employee out after posting TikTok rant vowing not to deliver to homes supportive of Biden, BLM or Harris

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Check out what's clicking on A former FedEx employee is out of a job after posting a profanity-laced rant on TikTok in which he vowed never to deliver packages to the homes of people who support, President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, or Black Lives Matter.  The employee, identified as Vincent Paterno, posted the video on TikTok on Sept. 16. In the video, he appears to be seated in a delivery truck."What's up TikTok," Paterno says while wearing his FedEx uniform. "Just wanted to come on here and let all you know,  [I]f you have a Joe Biden, Kamala f---ing camel toe (flag) posted up – Black Lives Matter – I will not deliver your s---. I will not deliver your s---. I will bring that back to the station. And I’ll keep doing that s---. Have a good day." FEDEX REROUTING MORE THAN 600K PACKAGES A DAY BECAUSE OF LABOR SHORTAGESComments on the video predicted his imminent firing.  "You about to lose your job," read the highest-liked com
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