First look at Tesla Autopilot’s emergency vehicle response feature in action

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Earlier this month, Tesla rolled out software update 2021.24.12, which included a new Autopilot and Autosteer feature that responds to the presence of stationary emergency vehicles on the road. With the new feature in place, Teslas would now slow down when they detect emergency vehicles such as ambulances and firetrucks, provided that features like Autopilot or Autosteer are engaged.  Tesla was quite understated with its new Autopilot and Autosteer feature, with the company only discussing the function on the 2021.24.12 Owner’s Manual for the Model 3 and Model Y. According to the company, Teslas should automatically slow down when an emergency vehicle is detected, and a message on the touchscreen informing drivers of the slowdown should also be engaged. A chime and a reminder stating that drivers should keep their hands on the wheel should also be enabled.  An example of this new featu
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