Forget FDI, new age retail investors are moving market: Shankar Sharma

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Instead of a shift in strategy, we trimmed a bit from every space and put the money into companies like DLFs and JSW Energy, which were laggards in the first phase. That is good enough to give you a bit of alpha over the market, says Shankar Sharma, Vice-Chairman & Joint MD, First Global. You have used the phrase mad bull market run. The easy money that is right now leaving China, is finding a home in India among other destinations. Is this going to continue for a while? In that case, markets are only going to head one way which is north and at a time when we are also seeing retail participation go up?Forget about money leaving China, China is a huge economy it does not really care about a few dollars going away to India. India is relatively smaller, it will benefit but I am saying forget about FDI. That does not matter, I have always said that all these things are nonsense, let us just focus on the market, the fundamentals and numbers, the economy and on that front a new
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