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FX option expiries for 6 October 10am New York cut


A look at what is on the board for today

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Just a couple to take note of, as highlighted in bold.

The large ones for USD/CAD keeps close to the overnight lows so that may help to add to some near-term support before rolling off later in the day, though the pair is keeping more buoyant closer to 1.2600 amid a firmer dollar today.

As for the large ones for NZD/USD, they aren’t likely to offer too much significance but just in case of a major turn in sentiment, we could see that come into play to limit gains.

In any case, there are bigger fish to fry later in the week when we get to Friday with the US non-farm payrolls also in focus alongside larger expiries on the board.

For more information on how to use this data, you may refer to this post here.

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