Gamestop and AMC put Reddit on the investor radar, now it may be planning a stock market float in New York

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Stocks like Gamestop Corp and () brought the website onto the radar of many investors earlier this year, now the tech company is reportedly preparing plans for a US$15bn stock market IPO. has hired investment bankers and lawyers for a float in New York, according to a Reuters report. The IPO could potentially occur early in the first quarter, according to Reuters’ sources, though they cautioned that the size and timing of the public fundraise could be subject to market conditions. It comes after speculation that listing plans were under consideration. Reddit has some 52mln daily users split across more than 100,000 community groups, though only a small number of those communities were set up to discuss stocks and/or retail day trading in so-called ‘meme-stocks’ like Gamestop and AMC. Source link
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