Germany’s politicians and industry need a ‘totally new way’ of collaborating to go green: BASF’s CEO

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Politicians in Germany need to work with industry leaders if the country wants to succeed in reducing its carbon emissions, according to Martin Brudermüller, chief executive of BASF, one of the world's largest chemical producers."If we want to succeed in the decarbonization plans of Germany, but also the EU, we have to come to a totally new way of collaborating between industry and politics," he told CNBC's Annette Weisbach on Wednesday."What we currently see is that politics is engaging in one ambition after the other: Can it be 10 years faster? 10% more reduction? So it's a race about ambition," he noted. "I ask myself sometimes, whether society and politics needs to [have] a real reality check. It is not lacking an ambition, but we have to engage now in the how ... to really say, where do we want to be? What does it take to get there? That's the effort where politics is not engaged."A federal election is fast-approaching in Germany with the vote set for Sept. 26, and there
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