Global Palladium Fund survey finds UK retail investors increasingly supportive of green investment revolution

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A new survey found 56% of investors said they believe metals are a good investment opportunity

New research shows UK retail investors are increasingly supportive of the green investment revolution and planning to boost funds in the sector.

Almost half (47%) of retail investors polled plan to devote more cash to companies and funds at the forefront of the green revolution covering industries such as electric vehicles and solar panels, according to research commissioned by Global Palladium Fund.

Just over half (51%) of retail investors surveyed agree that the drive for a net zero economy and the focus on renewable energy and electric vehicles represents a good investment opportunity.

The growing optimism is feeding through to funds focused on metals, said Global Palladium Fund, as silver, copper and nickel are widely used in the manufacturing of solar panels and the batteries for electric vehicles as well as for the rollout of renewable energy systems for power generation.

The survey found 56% of investors said they believe metals are a good investment opportunity, with 8% disagreeing and 36% unsure about the sector.

That also applies to funds linked to metals, with 49% believing these funds are a good investment opportunity with 11% saying they are not a good investment opportunity and 40% unsure.

Alexander Stoyanov, chief executive officer of Global Palladium Fund, said: “The transition to a net zero economy is creating a range of investment opportunities, and investing in metals that play a pivotal role in this transition is one that many investors are starting to recognise. What we are seeing now is that nearly half of retail investors are planning to increase their holdings in companies and funds associated with the sector – we call it the green investment revolution.”

Global Palladium Fund, which runs a range of exchange-traded funds distributed by , commissioned independent research agency Consumer Intelligence to interview 1,048 retail investors holding stock market investments on 16-17 July 2021.

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