Here’s Why Most People Who Buy Bitcoin Hold Onto It

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Bitcoin has emerged as a new investment front. Although bitcoin adoption is a work in progress, it has numerous uses. Some investors hold bitcoin for profits, while others use cryptocurrencies for online transactions. A new survey by Bakkt now provides us with a birds-eye view of the state of bitcoin adoption in the United States. Bakkt is a financial service company with a focus on cryptocurrencies. According to the survey, most people have invested in bitcoin and cryptocurrency for long-term benefits. In this article, we shall explore the survey findings in detail. Let’s delve right in.About The Survey The study was commissioned by Bakkt and conducted via an online tool in July 2021. It sought responses from 2,000 consumers across the United States. The survey aimed to map the bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption trends in the past six months and the coming six months. The researchers used the American Community Survey by Census Bureau to weigh education, sex, age, geograph
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