How Real Is Digital Art? By DailyCoin

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How Real Is Digital Art? Art has been around forever. Before script, before the wheel, even before civilization itself. The first engraved shell, which shows the creative skills of homo erectus, is around 540,000 years old. Art undeniably defines us as human, distinguishing our species from the animal kingdom, transcending the purpose of life, and inspiring thinkers throughout history. The forms human artwork have taken have come a long way. From the rough paintings of cavemen, to long centuries of mastering the craft before the craft was perfected during the Renaissance, to exploring the spiritual and emotional realms through Baroque and Impressionism, to the completely disruptive art movements of the 20th century, when the pursuit of mastery was changed by the urge to convey a message. As rapid digitalization spreads to affect every aspect of human life, art is also entering the metaverse in search of new forms. As the borders between digital and analog worlds begin
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