How to get in on the booming single-family rental market without buying a house

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Small investors who might not have the funds – or the stomach to be landlords – have a new option to get in on the lucrative single-family rental market.Fundrise, which started in 2012 as a crowdfunding platform for commercial real estate, is broadening its scope to single-family rental homes. Investors can get in for as little as $500.Thanks to a new $300 million credit facility from Goldman Sachs, Fundrise is buying thousands of homes from builders like D.R. Horton, mostly in the Sun Belt. Fundrise manages the homes and offers returns to investors through its fund."What Fundrise does is allows individuals to get access to private real estate at the same if not better terms as institutions and that literally never happened before," said Ben Miller, co-founder and CEO of Fundrise. "There is a lot of institutional demand, and the fact that individuals can get at it through our website through the same or lower costs, defies the normal Wall Street expectations."Kseniya Ragoz
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