for your discovery? Patent landscape analysis, research can help

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Our Innovate Carolina team checked in with two experts who have experience with market research and patent landscaping to learn more. We spoke with Theo Dingemans, PhD, professor and associate chair at the Department of Applied Physical Sciences, and Cindy Reifsnider, director of research and impact at Innovate Carolina, to dig into the benefits of pairing patent landscape analysis and market research. 1. What is the difference between patent landscape analysis and market research? Theo: From my perspective they go hand in hand. If we develop chemistry or technology we believe is novel and could be patented, we’d like to understand what the potential value of our intellectual property (IP) is in the marketplace, and if we’re able to obtain a patent that potentially has value. Cindy: Patent landscape analysis uses the published patent literature as its source material, while market research examines customer/end-user data and feedback directly from consumer
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