In The Midst Of Chaos – The Entrepreneurs Seeing Opportunity In A Hazardous Energy Market

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Rainbow Energy founders Stefan Cooksammy and Neil Cockerill Rainbow Energy These are dangerous times for Britain’s energy entrepreneurs but according to one newcomer to the sector, there is an opportunity to challenge the premise that gas and electricity supply has to be a low-margin industry.    First the bad news. Thanks to a spike in wholesale gas prices, Britain’s retail energy sector is in an advanced state of chaos.  Two energy suppliers - serving a combined 830,000 customers - went out of business this week and the industry is expecting more - perhaps many more - to follow.   Why does this matter? Well, it’s been a slow process but ever since the government of Margaret Thatcher set about privatising previously publicly owned utilities back in the 1980s, Britain’s retail energy market has become not only increasingly competitive but also a hotbed of entrepreneurial activity. Today - for the time being at least - consumers can
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