India hottest market in the world this year, not China: Jim Rogers

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As China lets people go bankrupt to clean up their debt situation, it is going to cause pain but we all need it, says , Investment Guru Jim Rogers. Indian market is at an all-time high. S&P is at an all-time high. All global markets are celebrating.India is the hottest market in the world this year. China is not. America is certainly not; it has been but not now. The Indians once again are showing how smart they are. How would you define what the Chinese government is trying to do? It started with a crackdown on Chinese gaming companies, came down to tech companies and now looks like the Chinese government is in double mind on how they want to approach Evergrande?There was billions of dollars of unregulated lending going on in China which was a disaster waiting to happen. I am delighted they cut back on that because it gave some people an unfair advantage. So that was a good move as far as I am concerned. The rest of it, I do not quite understand what is happening but cert
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