It’s not that weird to feel schadenfreude when COVID-deniers get COVID, psychologists say

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Hundreds of thousands of people follow a Reddit forum called "HermanCainAward" which, despite its name, does not exist to honor the late businessman and politician. The group exists to mock those who denounce or defy public health measures (vaccines, mask-wearing, social distancing, etc.) and then later die of COVID-19 infections. But the infamous subreddit is not the only place where netizens flock to share schadenfreude towards COVID skeptics and deniers who get the disease. A glance at Twitter or Facebook reveals people flashing vulgar images at reactionary politicians demanding treatment after becoming sick or reacting to the hospitalization of a COVID-19 vaccine skeptic by asking, "Who can resist schadenfreude opportunities like this?" Some might find this a cruel trend, while others might see it as an example of someone getting their just deserts. Yet media commentators are taking notice. Recently, Wired decried a popular BBC article ab
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