It’s Too Early to Consign Joe Biden to the Ash Heap of History

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Is Joe Biden’s Presidency actually “dead,” “failed,” and all but “over,” as you have surely heard by now? The Republicans and their conservative allies in the commentariat, including some notable Never Trumpers, think so. Jim Geraghty, in National Review, wrote this week that Biden is both “flailing” and “failing,” and that the President and his Administration are “naïve, unprepared, slow-footed, and in over their heads.” Matt Lewis, in the Daily Beast, wrote something similar, under the headline “It Took Biden 48 Years to Be President and 8 Months to Fuck It Up.” At least Geraghty and Lewis gave Biden until this week. In the Times, Bret Stephens warned of “another failed presidency at hand” the day after Labor Day, even before Congress came back to town, when it was yet to be seen whether legislators would enact Biden’s agenda—or sink it.All of which strikes me as wildly overstated, a conservative analogue to the many progressives who de
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