Joe Biden dominates Ron DeSantis in early 2024 poll

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A nationwide poll conducted this week suggests Gov. Ron DeSantis would have an uphill climb if challenging President Joe Biden in 2024. The Emerson College survey of 1,200 registered voters showed that 48% of those called would back Biden’s reelection, while just 36% would pick DeSantis. Florida’s Governor performed worse than former President Donald Trump in a hypothetical head-to-head with Biden. Trump won that one, 47% to 46%, even though just 395 Republicans were polled compared to 450 Democrats. However, DeSantis polled better than Mitt Romney, who got just 23% compared to 42% for Biden. DeSantis’ underperformance against the President, his “Trumpian” nature notwithstanding, comes even as Democrats polled seem less than thrilled with Biden. Only 60% of Democratic respondents want to see Biden run for reelection in 2024. A full 39% would prefer another nominee, though the data did not explore who those voters would prefer. Happier news was to be found for DeSa
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