Market nowhere close to topping out; don’t see bear market anytime soon: Shankar Sharma

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“The froth has been in the broader market. But one can still buy decent companies and one can make decent returns even in this market. I am not saying that we are going to get value but there are enough places to make money,” says Shankar Sharma, Vice-Chairman & Joint MD, First Global. The question on everyone’s mind is in what stage of the bull cycle are we currently in?We are still in the mid stage. We are definitely not at the end stage of the bull market. It is obviously not early because a large part of last year’s move was the first stage of the bull market. So by no means is this a late stage bull market. It is still fairly middle aged. It may not be as sprightly but hey not bad still! In that context, when you are in your middle age, you need to be careful. You can be more carefree at an early stage of life or in the early stages of a bull market. One has to be a little careful now but there is no need to be extraordinarily cautious because it still got le
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