My bank accidentally deposited $10K in my account. I reported it, then moved it to my savings account. Have I done enough?

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Dear Quentin, Last month, I deposited a check into my checking account. The bank teller accidentally put one too many zeros on the amount of the check, giving me a deposit of almost $10,000 instead of almost $1,000. When I discovered the error the next day, I called the bank’s customer service number and reported it. I also reported the error to the branch manager, who assured me that it would be corrected in a couple of days. A month later, the money was still in my account, so I transferred it to my savings account so that I wouldn’t accidentally spend it. I have nothing against the bank reclaiming the extra money; it is theirs, and I only have it because of an accident. Moreover, if the situation were reversed, I’d want the money returned. However, I have made an earnest attempt to get the bank to take their money back, so I was wondering if at any point or time the money would become legally mine. Concerned Depositor You can em
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