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NatWest’s servers down as customers complain


NatWest Group PLC (LSE:NWG)‘s online banking services are reportedly experiencing a server outage, restricting customers from accessing online features.

Although NatWest hasn’t issued a statement to confirm the issue, it has been replying to customer complaints over Twitter.

Hundreds of customers reported the issue to DownDetector, a real-time overview of outages, according to the Daily Star, with issues affecting both the online service and the mobile banking app.

RBS’ customers are also rumoured to be experiencing issues concerning online features with its banking app.

RBS and NatWest are part of the same group, which may point to a bigger technical fault across the network as opposed to an issue that is solely hurting NatWest.

Nationwide experienced a similar outage yesterday, with incoming and outgoing payments being delayed.

The reasons for the server outages are unconfirmed, although rumours of cyberwar will only be further intensified by the bank’s online services being unavailable.

Anonymous, the hacker group, had declared cyberwar on Russia yesterday.

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