Op-ed: We have a final opportunity to respond to climate change. Will we take it?

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After a summer of astonishing climate extremes, a landmark scientific report on climate change provides another stark warning. It states we have less than a decade to stabilize the Earth's climate and that this will require big and immediate cuts in carbon emissions. And given the planet is already 1.1 degrees Celsius warmer than pre-industrial times, the need to adapt to higher temperatures could not be clearer.This window for action is getting narrower by the day, but it is still open. We are being given one final opportunity to stave off catastrophic climate change, and we must seize it.The report, by the world's foremost climate scientists at the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, calls for "immediate, rapid, and large-scale reductions" in emissions. If we stop pumping heat-trapping gases into the atmosphere altogether, scientists believe we may be able to contain warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius. If we fail, the consequences for our planet will be dire.Climate chan
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