Opinion: Bill Barr was right about this

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According to Bob Woodward and Robert Costa in their tell-all book "Peril," Barr told Trump: "There are a lot of people out there, independents and Republicans in the suburbs of the critical states, that think you're an a------" and "don't care about your f------ grievances." Barr went on and told the President that if he didn't soften his tone and turn his attention to concerns about Covid-19 and the economy, which these critical "swing" voters cared about most, he was going to lose the election.Trump, however, refused to pivot -- just like arch-conservative California recall candidate Larry Elder, who was similarly chastised by establishment Republicans who felt a moderate more in the mold of their party's last governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Massachusetts' Charlie Baker and Vermont's Phil Scott, would have the necessary crossover appeal to have a shot in a Democratic state. And whether it was out of stubbornness or insensitivity or some other game plan, they paid a steep
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