Opinion: Men must hold other men accountable when they see women being harassed. Here’s what you can do

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The Tik Tok video is nauseating. A lone woman in an all-men college tech class sits wide-eyed and understandably appalled as several male classmates loudly banter about rape — specifically, the virtues of sexually assaulting women who drink too much and pass out. Although one man appears to drive the conversation, others offer sheepish laughter and, we imagine, several others sit silently by. We see two common threads in this example. First, a few young men objectify, disrespect, or harass women. Second — and far more troubling — lots of men remain bystanders, silent, impotent — and complicit. Although this video quickly went viral on social media, sexual harassment is ubiquitous for young adult women in American society and on U.S. college campuses. Eighty percent of women report experiencing harassment, and contexts in which harassment is allowed to flourish become breeding grounds for sexual assault. A 2019 study of 33 major universities revealed that 25.9% o
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