Opinion: My father left part of his IRA to my brother, but my brother died before inheriting. Now what?

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Q.: Hi, I have a question for you regarding an IRA.  My father left his IRA to his four children.  Before we got the papers signed for the kids to get their part, one of the siblings passed away.  He was married, will his wife get that sibling’s part?  Her name is nowhere on the IRA.  What will happen with the sibling’s part that passed away?  Thank you A.: My condolences to you and your family on the death of your father and your sibling. The disbursement of an IRA account is determined by the beneficiary designation. These transfers occur without probate and without regard to other documents that may be in place such as wills or trusts. Because your sibling was alive when your dad died, his share became his upon your dad’s death. Your sibling’s share is therefore part of your sibling’s estate now that he has died. If the paperwork were signed prior to your sibling’s death, he probably would have established an Inherited
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