Recent Stock Market Volatility Dangerous for Real Estate? Experts Unconvinced

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Real estate experts believe recent stock market volatility isn’t concerning as long as it’s temporary, despite a rocky start to the week for trading, as well as global events worrying investors. According to Ruben Gonzalez, chief economist for Keller Williams, recent declines in the market are mainly due to fears on Wall Street that the Chinese property market could disrupt global financial markets. Those concerns prompted a stock market selloff that dealt a sizable blow to major U.S. stock indexes. On Monday, Sept. 20, the S&P 500 posted its worst daily performance since May, falling 1.7%, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average had its biggest single-day drop since mid-July with a 1.8% decline. The effects have proven to be short-lived as indexes rebounded days later with ongoing signs of recovery, despite overseas issues. As of Sept. 24, The Dow and the S&P 500 concluded the week on Wall Street in better shape overall. The Dow added 0.1% and the S&P 500
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