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Rosemary Banyard Fund Manager of VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund talks about her latest fund


Rosemary Banyard Fund Manager of the VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund speaks to Adam Lewis.

In this video, you’ll find out:

  • Why Rosemary chose Downing to house her latest fund (0:24)
  • What a unique opportunity means to Rosemary (1:20)
  • Rosemary’s investment process (2:20)
  • How does Rosemary deal with liquidity (3:28)
  • How many companies are in the portfolio (4:31)
  • A deep dive into a stock in the portfolio (5:27)

Click here for more information on Rosemary’s investment strategy.

Rosemary Banyard has over 25 years’ experience focusing on UK small and mid-cap companies. Her latest fund focuses on 25-40 companies that are unique, defined as a UK company that has superior returns – an above average return on equity and a clear sustainable competitive advantage.

Rosemary began her career with James Capel & Co where she was a senior investment analyst for 12 years before becoming a fund manager at AIB Govett. 

Rosemary rose to prominence and developed a reputation as one of the leading female fund managers in the UK when she joined () () in 1997. For almost 20 years, she was known for running the acclaimed Schroder UK Smaller Companies Fund with Andy Brough, and was for many years lead manager of the award-winning Schroder Mid Cap Fund plc, as well as heading up several other segregated UK equity mandates, managing total assets of around £1 billion. 

In 2016, Rosemary joined Sanford DeLand to launch and manage the Free Spirit Fund. The Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund plc returned 17%* per annum while Rosemary was manager and in her two and a half years managing money at Sanford DeLand the Free Spirit Fund returned 31%**. The VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund is an evolution of these previous funds.

* Schroder UK Mid Cap Fund Plc, Annual Reports & Accounts 2015.

** Financial Express as at 28 June 2019. 

Click here to find out more about Rosemary’s investment approach which has evolved over the last 25 years.

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