Rosemary Banyard Fund Manager of VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund talks about her latest fund

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Rosemary Banyard Fund Manager of the VT Downing Unique Opportunities Fund speaks to Adam Lewis. In this video, you’ll find out: Why Rosemary chose Downing to house her latest fund (0:24) What a unique opportunity means to Rosemary (1:20) Rosemary’s investment process (2:20) How does Rosemary deal with liquidity (3:28) How many companies are in the portfolio (4:31) A deep dive into a stock in the portfolio (5:27) Click here for more information on Rosemary’s investment strategy. Rosemary Banyard has over 25 years’ experience focusing on UK small and mid-cap companies. Her latest fund focuses on 25-40 companies that are unique, defined as a UK company that has superior returns – an above average return on equity and a clear sustainable competitive advantage. Rosemary began her career with James Capel & Co where she was a senior investment analyst for 12 years before becoming a fund manager at AIB Govett.  Rosemary
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