Stock market is very much exaggerated in terms of its movement: Madan Sabnavis, CARE Ratings

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In an interview with ET Now’s Tamanna Inamdar, Madan Sabnavis, , talks about the Sensex at 60K, India's demographic dividend, and the absence of alternatives. Do you agree that it is sort of a mesh of circumstances which is leading to more and more people looking at equity as something which is acceptable? Is it not a high risk situation any more in many Indian households?I agree to a certain extent and I think it is a combination of factors. One, the credit goes to RBI and the government for ensuring interest rates have been compressed to such an extent. As individuals, you are so desperate and then comes the greed factor and going back to the Wall Street movie which said greed is good. Everybody is saying that you can make a lot of money on the stock market. It is totally irrational the way in which the Sensex is moving. About the $5 trillion economy, it is a number which is going to happen at some point of time. Now even today when you are looking at the growth which is t
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