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Ted Cruz recalls routinely appearing on CNN when the media ‘at least wanted to be journalists’


Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, sounded off on the progression of today’s media as having gone from “at least” wanting to be journalists, to “partisan propagandists” in the wake of the Trump presidency on “Watters World.” The media’s left-leaning agenda, he said, can account for why so many headline-worthy stories appear to go underreported, such as Chris Cuomo’s sexual harassment scandal, or the crisis on the southern border.   

SEN. TED CRUZ: One of the real consequences of the Trump presidency is that he broke the media. Today’s media is a tattered, steaming mess. And it’s because the corrupt corporate media – you think about it five years ago, people would argue, and they would argue seriously, the media isn’t biased. Nobody argues that anymore, because they hate Donald Trump so much. You watch some CNN or MSNBC host, and they’re foaming at the mouth. They loathe him.

SEN. TED CRUZ: Five years ago, and I used to go on CNN quite a bit five years ago. Five years ago, they at least wanted to be journalists, they held that out as an objective. They were terrible at it, they were leftie. But they did say our objective is to be balanced. When Trump became president, their partisan rage just ruptured. And they’re not only today partisan propagandists, they are the left wing of the Democratic Party. Their mission every day is push the Democratic party left.


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