Tezos Announces Hangzhou — The Newest Upgrade Proposal By CoinQuora

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Tezos Announces Hangzhou — The Newest Upgrade Proposal Tezos announced the newest upgrade proposal named Hangzhou The upgrade will enable new technical tools, patches, and extend liquidity baking The Hangzhou upgrade will prepare the stage for the upcoming Tenderbake update Tezos recently announced a new upgrade proposal. They named it after Hangzhou — a location in China’s Zhejiang province that’s known to be a major global tech and innovation hub. The upgrade proposal includes major improvements to Tezos. Tezos is one of the earliest Proof-of-Stake blockchains. It’s also one of the networks that have on-chain governance that lets the network upgrade without performing a hard fork. While platforms like are still starting to implement smart contracts, Tezos consistently improves its decentralized network with major updates. The Hangzhou proposal is a predecessor to the upcoming Tenderbake consensus upgrade and will present new technical tools and patches. The u
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