The German election result is line ball

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Anglea Merkel has resigned and her replacement Armin Laschet appears likely to not be the next Chancellor. Laschet heads the CDU/CSU, currently polling 24.2% The main opposition, SPD is on 25.8%Note - these are unofficial numbers still. This leaves SPD in pole position to lead negotiations to form the next government. I am no German election psephologist so based on the assessments I see from the people who are:SPD’s lead over CDU/CSU is ticking higher (again ... unofficial numbers at this stage)SPD is projected to win 205 seatsCDU/CSU projected to win 195(there are 730 seats in Germany's Bundestag)Potential coalition partners are Greens (projected to take 114 seats) & the  FDP (91) Merkel has been a key player in Europe for decades:  Invest in yourself. See our forex education hub. Source link
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