These are the 10 most expensive small towns in America

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Big-city dwellers may dream of slashing expenses by moving to the country. But owning a home in a small town can be just as costly as a major metropolis — and in some cases, properties may be pricier.That's according to a study from LendingTree, which analyzed home prices in some of the country's most expensive small towns.The analysis shows the most expensive small towns are typically popular vacation spots for the affluent, where homebuyers make their money elsewhere.For example, Vineyard Haven, Mass., Breckenridge, Colo., and Jackson, Wyo., have median prices at $699,500, $579,600 and $549,800, respectively.By comparison, someone may spend $613,400 on a home in Los Angeles or $563,700 on property in San Diego.Here are the 10 most expensive small towns in America:Vineyard Haven, MA Breckenridge, CO Jackson, WY Steamboat Springs, CO Hailey, ID Gardnerville Ranchos, NV Hood River, OR Juneau, AK Easton, MD Los Alamos, NM More from Personal Finance:Labor Department p
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