Theta Continues Its Downward Spiral – FX Leaders

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Theta may only be down 1.08% today, but it’s continuing a bearish trend that does not seem to be letting up. Yesterday, Theta reached a low for the month of $4.98 (THETA/USD). It came up from there just slightly, rebounding to $5.28 for the day so far.THETA/USDHow Theta Has Performed in SeptemberTheta fell below the $6 resistance line on the 19th and has continued to stay there, off to a rough start for the week. There’s some chance it may bounce back by the weekend, and this could be a good time to buy low and sell high in the near future. Theta has not seen a point this low in about two months, so many analysts are expecting it to come back a little bit and see the bulls grab it for a while sometime soon.On the 6th of this month, Theta reached an impressive high of $9.39, which mirrored its level from all the way back in June. This was actually the first time since then that it moved past the $8 level, so it’s unlikely that we will see Theta get back to that point anyt
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