This funeral home says they don’t want you to get vaccinated. Here’s the story.

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An ad for a funeral home says don't get vaccinated against COVID-19. (Getty)Over the last few months, social media campaigns, government-issued incentives and even celebrity Instagram posts have all implored those eligible to get vaccinated against COVID-19. Wilmore Funeral Home, apparently, would really rather you did not get inoculated — it’s bad for business. In fact, the company has gone so far to protect its interests that it has created billboards instructing people not to get the vaccine.OK, here's what's really going on. There is no real Wilmore Funeral Home begging people not to take the shot. Instead, the ads around Charlotte, N.C., are part of a clever campaign from ad agency BooneOakley to promote vaccinations. The agency partnered with StarMed Healthcare, which provides vaccinations as well as COVID-19 testing, in order to help spread awareness about the importance of vaccination.Claire Oakley, the director of client services at the agency, called the campaign
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