This husband-and-wife team shares their tips for going into business together

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As the husband-and-wife team behind clothes rental app Style Theory, Raena Lim and Chris Halim are united not only in marriage, but also in business.That "definitely has some really good advantages," Halim told CNBC Make It.And it also has its drawbacks: "Makes you work longer hours," laughed Lim.But having spent five years perfecting their approach, the 32-year-old pair has advice to share with other couple co-founders — both in and outside of business.Play to your strengthsFirst off, they say, it's critical to each identify specific areas of focus that play to an individual's strengths."Chris is really analytical, so he does a lot on the business, financial decisions," Lim said of her husband, who is chief executive officer of the Singaporean fashion business.Areas of focus that are hers, she'll make the call and areas of focus that are mine, I'll make the call.Chris Halimco-founder and CEO, Style Theory"Rae is a lot more focused on the branding side, the people side of th
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