This travel influencer bought a second condo in Detroit for $44,000 in cash — and spent $52,000 renovating it during the pandemic

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In October 2019, Jessica Nabongo added a major accomplishment to her resume: She became the first documented Black woman to travel to every country in the world.Then the pandemic hit, and her globetrotting lifestyle came to a screeching halt. For the first time in a decade, the travel photographer and influencer behind the site Catch Me If You Can spent two months uninterrupted at home in Detroit, Michigan.Nabongo, 37, had no intention to move out of her sixth-floor condo, but when a one-bedroom unit on the 14th floor in her co-op building with a better view of the Detroit River went on the market for $65,000, she thought, why not buy another? The day after the unit was listed, she made a $44,000 cash offer and got the place."I like to think of myself as a really amazing negotiator," Nabongo tells CNBC Make It. "Given the incredibly short period of time and my cash offer, I was able to get the price down and I sweetened the deal by telling them that I could do a cash offer wit
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